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Your experiences change you. Prepare to make the most of this experience. Absorb insights and knowledge from existing leaders. Participate in simulated exercises that mirror real-world challenges.


Learn what it’s like to experience The Leadership Hollywood Program – by increasing knowledge, uncovering and developing your skills, clarifying opportunities and having fun!

Leadership Is For You

Are you confident in your leadership strengths to get the best results from the people you are leading and influencing? This truly unique course will allow you to discover your leadership style to be a more effective leader.

Program Objectives

To take part in an interactive program that allows participants to view the community up close, work together and learn about valuable resources and services in South Florida.

Why Join Leadership Hollywood?


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Over 1,000 Alumni Leaders


150+ Community Service Projects

Five Essential Reasons Why YOU Should Enroll in Leadership Hollywood

Obtain a better perspective on community challenges

Dr. Natacha J. Yacinthe

“LH 40 was enlightening, invigorating and informative. The impact of this class was truly profound. It has positioned me to see leading at the County in a very different light based on all the networking/connections, insights and tools provided. The depth of the courses, the sessions, the field trips/inspections of day to day operations has given me tangible thoughts and methods to lead by. You rock LH!”

Dr. Natacha J. YacintheSeaport Planning Manager, Port Everglades, LH 40
Tina Buccellato

“Joining Leadership Hollywood exposed me to thinking in volumes that are way bigger than me and my business.  My goals have since shifted and since graduating I have been enjoying the rewards of my experience ten-fold.”

Tina BuccellatoExecutive Director, Muzart Creative Arts Studios LH38

Develop and expand your network

Lenny Ortiz

“I joined Leadership Hollywood just after opening my own office in Hollywood and the program provided me the opportunity to learn about the city, meet public officials, and make invaluable connections throughout the community. These connections have helped me grow my business and discover new opportunities to get involved in the community. I highly recommend the program to anyone who lives or works in Hollywood.”

Lenny OrtizAttorney, Leonardo Ortiz, P.A. LH 38

Partake in a life altering experience

Joel Stoyer

“Leadership Hollywood is an essential component on a track to personal involvement within the community. The program offers the opportunity to excel individually and professionally and to emerge as an integral cog in the wheel that is Hollywood, Florida.”

Joel StoyerGeneral Manager, Enchanted Isle Hollywood Beach, LH38
Maria Scarola

“Being part of Leadership Hollywood 40 was such a wonderful experience, I would do it every year if I could. To be able to make personal connections, in such a short time, as well as go through calculated experiments that sometimes were uncomfortable, to then be brought to a comfortable state was my favorite part of this class. I know being part of this exciting group, which I’ve made lifelong friends and learned things about myself, was made possible thanks to LH. I would’ve never experienced this in my daily routing or career. I will never forget.”

Maria Scarola Exclusive Sales Agent , Auberge Beach Residences & Spa, LH 40

Leave a legacy for our community through community projects

Daniela Roeder

“The community involvement of LH 39 was the most positive learning experience for me! Leaving a legacy through our community project was a great feeling. Thanks to LH39 and the wonderful leaders of our program, I am now a better leader for myself and others.”

Daniela RoederAccount Executive, Entercom South Florida LH39

Discover the Real Leader in you

Kevin Biederman

“Participating in Leadership Hollywood 26 was one of the best decisions I ever made. Already heavily involved in the community, the program exposed me to education regarding social services, the judicial system, media market, health services, the government, environmental issues and more. The value of working as a team was promoted with hands-on activities. Building relationships with business contacts and establishing lifelong friendships was encouraged. The Leadership Hollywood program played an instrumental role in my journey to represent the good people of Hollywood by serving as City Commissioner”

Kevin BiedermanHollywood Vice-Mayor, LH26