Welcome to Leadership Hollywood

Leadership Hollywood provides an interactive program where participants can view our community up close, work together and achieve a unique knowledge of resources and
services available in Hollywood, Broward County and the State of Florida. Each scheduled day provides an interactive forum through interface and communication with the
current leaders in our community.


The Experience

Your experiences change you. Prepare to make the most of this experience. Absorb insights and knowledge from existing leaders. Participate in simulated exercises that mirror real-world challenges.


The Vision

Learn what it’s like to experience The Leadership Hollywood Program – by increasing knowledge, uncovering and developing your skills, clarifying opportunities and having fun!


Leadership is For You

Are you confident in your leadership strengths to get the best results from the people you are leading and influencing? This truly unique course will allow you to discover your leadership style to be a more effective leader.


Program Objectives

To take part in an interactive program that allows participants to view the community up close, work together and learn about valuable resources and services in South Florida.

All activities include maximum class member involvement and participation. A class member will experience the process that guides him/her to better comprehend the challenges facing our community.
Leadership Hollywood is an organized curriculum for
our community.

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